Disclosure of

As your transaction coordinators, we make sure deadlines are met and paperwork is complete. At no time, Agent, should assume we will counsel on legal matters or negotiate on their behalf. Although we have many years of experience, it is beyond our scope to advice or take decisions during the transaction. For that matter, Agent, agrees to the following responsibilities:

  • Review reports, negotiate repairs or any changes to the contract.
  • Schedule and supervise inspections.
  • Complete Agent Visual Inspection and Final Walk-through.
  • Provide EXACT wording for any addenda needed throughout the transaction.

BloomFile transaction coordinators agree to the following responsibilities:

  • Review all contractual items and ensure all have been properly executed.
  • Open escrow, obtain file number and request wiring instructions.
  • Send introductory email to all parties with instructions and expectations.
  • Share a timeline with due dates for the transaction via Amitree.
  • Provide 24/7 access to property documents via Google Drive.
  • Verify Buyer's deposit has been received in Escrow.
  • Collect Escrow docs and attend any inquiries from the Escrow officer.
  • Order NHD Report, Preliminary Title Report and Home Warranty.
  • Prepare Seller's property disclosures and Broker required forms.
  • Send documents for signature via Docusign and verify completion.
  • Confirm appraisal has been ordered and request loan status updates.
  • Issue contingency reminders and follow ups on outstanding items.
  • Draft addenda and appropriate forms needed throughout the transaction.
  • Deliver complete file in a PDF format to Agent and Client at close of escrow.

Note that we are 100% a virtual service. A licensed transaction coordinator is assigned to you at the beginning of the escrow and assists you throughout the entire transaction.